Fabrizio Copano and the surprising proposal he received from the King of the Netherlands: “I assumed it was a scam”

The US-based Chilean comedian talked about how it happened to him and his first impressions. He also shared recordings of his presentation.

At the beginning of this week, he humorist national based in New York, Fabrizio Copano surprised her more than 760,000 Instagram followers with some unexpected news .

“I am going to tell you something…” declared the comedian winner of the Viña Festival, “About 4 months ago I received an email saying: “The King of the Netherlands ( The Netherlands ) wants to hire you for a show'” .

According to Copano, when he saw this email “I immediately thought it was a scam, like those of the Nigerian prince. .

But soon after he realized it wasn’t like that .

“My gringo agents confirmed this to me; Indeed, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands was going to award the Erasmus Prize to Trevor Noah this year. (South African comedian famous for Daily show and cheer for the Grammys) and They wanted to invite me to open this event “.

“So here I am.” » added the artist who was present at the Telethon and who, a little less than a year ago, enjoyed great success in the American programming. The Late Show with James Corden.

Fabrizio Copano and the surprising proposal he received from the King of the Netherlands: “I thought it was a scam. » Photo: Dedvi Missène.

The surprising proposal that Fabrizio Copano received from the King of the Netherlands

In his publication on the aforementioned social network, Copano detailed that The show would take place at the Kleine Komedie theater in Amsterdam and in front of an audience of 500 people, including Trevor Noah and the Principality of the Netherlands. .

“Morning I’m invited to a dinner at the royal palace, so I’m definitely going to see The crown to know which fork, only used for red meat “, he wrote in the announcement message, humorously referring to the streaming series on the history of Queen Elizabeth II.

Afterwards, He uploaded a story showing the elegant theater, in addition to a post in which he is seen entering the stage to make spectators laugh. .

Check this last video by clicking on this link and the post in which he tells what the proposal was like below.

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