This urban musician was nicknamed the new “king of pop”, according to Forbes

After the business magazine called the Puerto Rican singer the “king of pop,” it didn’t take long for criticism from Michael Jackson’s supporters to appear.

During the last years, Puerto Rican Benito Martínez has achieved so much musical success that he has managed to rise to the rank of artist of reggaeton of the utmost importance throughout the world.

Now with your nickname Bad bunny is at the center of the controversy. The famous magazine Forbesspecialized in finance and business, called him “the King of Pop” a title that for decades was attributed exclusively to Michael Jackson .

Bad Bunny, named new “king of pop”

The singer of singles like I behave well And Moscow Mule appears on the new cover of the magazine, following an article highlighting 30 people under 30.

“If there is one constant about Bad Bunny, who is 29 years old, it is that everything he creates becomes a worldwide success” described the American media on its social networks.

The name received by the Puerto Rican was not well received by some Internet users and sparked multiple criticisms, especially from those who consider themselves fans of the singer. Billie Jean.

Some darters have pointed out that this is a title that only Jackson can hold, that the two artists have no comparison and that Bad Bunny does not sing pop but rather other genres.

“Is this a joke? He doesn’t even sing pop”, “the king of pop continues and will be Michael Jackson”, “in this case the king of reggaeton”, are some of the messages read in the section comments.

The nickname given to the late composer originated in the 1980s. It was Elizabeth Taylor, his great friend, who started calling him that.

Beyond the criticism aroused by the nickname, the financial magazine highlighted in the article the growth that Benito Martínez Ocasio’s career has experienced in recent years. They call him “archetype of the modern pop idol ” And “multidimensional artist” after having tackled different genres in his four albums such as “hip-hop, reggaeton, Latin pop, Puerto Rican trap and Mexican music”.

In 2019, Bad Bunny was also included on the 30 Under 30 list. According to ForbesSince then, “he is the most successful artist on Spotify with 35.9 billion streams”.

Bad Bunny was the most streamed artist on Spotify in 2022.

Other factors add to the thousands of views he accumulates on streaming platforms, such as world tours and contracts with major companies. In In 2022, he managed to amass a fortune of $88 million, which places him in the top 10 highest paid artists in the world.

“It remains to be seen whether Bad Bunny will have the staying power of decades like Madonna or Prince . But don’t expect him to spend too much time relaxing poolside at one of his mansions. “He feels his obligation to these millions of fans, both online and offline,” he says. Forbes.

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