Times of the day to eat to lose weight, study finds

People who participated in the research noticed that, thanks to this new eating technique, their mood, energy levels and ability to feel less hungry improved.

You have probably already heard of he intermittent fasting a technique that many people use to losing weight . As the name suggests, it involves fasting, or not eating, for several hours a day. (usually 4 p.m.), while food can be consumed the rest of the time.

An example would be waking up at 8 a.m. and not eating until 4 p.m. In this way, until the next day, the person would fast for 16 hours.

HoweverFor many people, it can be very difficult to go without food for such a long time. This is what some researchers think King’s College London who wanted to focus on the window of time in which we should eat more than the hours during which one must fast.

Times of the day to eat to lose weight, study finds

What time of day should you eat to lose weight

The study, which was presented to the European Nutrition Conference — surveyed 37,545 participants who used the ZOE app, which allowed them to record everything they ate and what time they did it.

The first week they had to eat normally, as they had always done, and the second was to limit food consumption to a period of 10 hours per day. In other words, since there are 24 hours in a day, they had to fast for 14 hours.

The results showed that Participants perceived positive results with the technique of consuming food within a 10-hour window and resting the remaining 14 hours.

For example, If you eat breakfast at 8 a.m., your last meal should not be later than 6 p.m.

Times of the day to eat to lose weight, study finds

“It’s really exciting that the results show that “You don’t have to be very restrictive to see positive results: a feeding period of just ten hours, manageable for most people, improved mood, energy levels and feelings of hunger of the participants.” said the lead author of the study, Sarah Berry .

The nutrition academic – who has over 20 years of experience – also added that While the choice of foods we eat is important, this study also shows that the way foods are consumed is very important.

“The facts show that we don’t need to eat all the time. “Many people can feel full and even lose weight if they limit their food intake to just ten hours,” he anticipates.

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