Red Bull Batalla 2023: Chuty’s long-awaited triumph and how the international final in Colombia unfolded

The Spaniard won the title he had been chasing since 2013. For his part, Nitro represented Chile with a participation acclaimed by the public in Bogotá.

The old expression goes that “the third time is a charm”, but for Sergio Castro, better known as Chuty turned out to be the fourth .

The 30-year-old Spaniard participated for the first time in the International Final of Red Bull Battle in 2013. However, they fell in the semi-finals against the Mexican Jony Betrán.

In 2016 he competed for the title again, but only reached the round of 16. after falling against the same opponent.

A year later, he continues to chase the summit, but he rapper was stopped in the first round .

However, This Saturday, December 2, he finally got what he wanted, in front of more than 10,000 people at the Movistar Arena in Bogota, Colombia .

Chuty lifted the victory belt after an intense argument against the local Big N 17 years old, who joined the tournament this week after his compatriot went down Carpe Diem due to personal problems.

With this victory, Castro reached his first international final at the Red Bull Batalla, after a day that brought together 16 of the best freestylers Hispanic.

Red Bull Batalla 2023: Chuty’s long-awaited triumph and how the international final took place in Colombia. Photo: reference / Gary Go / Red Bull Batalla.

How the 2023 Red Bull Battlela International Final went

From the start, he stood out in the round of 16 by beating the Uruguayan Spektro with quick lines that elicited shouts of support from the Colombian crowd and ultimately buried his opponent.

Later, In the quarter-finals, one of the most incendiary matches of the day took place: Chuty vs. the Mexican Aczino .

Although in the stands we can see more flags of the Anglo-Saxon country – probably due to the proximity of the trips -, The Spanish also had multiple demonstrations of support .

Aczino, 32, is the only one in the world to have won the international final of the competition three times, while Chuty struggled to do so. for the first time.

Eventually, In this tight exchange of sentences, it was the latter’s performance which convinced the jury composed of reggaeton player Arcángel, Chilean MC Basek, Spaniard Skone and Argentinian DToke.

But They weren’t the only ones to shine in the competition.

Chilean Nitro (Cristian Espino, 29), reached the semi-finals after beating the Ecuadorian Abel in the second round and the Argentinian Jesse Pungaz In the rooms .

With a serious and defiant attitude and a fixed look in the eyes of his opponents, the rapper manifested itself with an emphatic power in the tone of his voice, which was sometimes reflected in passages of rapid cadence. .

Although his performance was widely acclaimed by the Bogotá audience, Nitro lost against the local Fat N, close to the final .

And after, When he had to compete for third place against Mecha – who was defeated by Chuty – he fell again. .

If Nitro had won the belt during this International Final, he would have become the first Chilean in obtaining this specific recognition.

But this time it was the Spaniard’s turn. which has always been a fan favorite of the freestyle to receive this award.

During this event which La Tercera was able to attend, the Red Bull Batalla organization also confirmed that next year’s competition would take place in Spain. .

10 years after his first international participation in this competition, Chuty was able to establish himself as champion .

Fat N, who came second, created a surprise after his arrival a few days ago and showed that his 17 years were not an obstacle. to face the best in the world.

For its part, Nitro represented Chile with the strength and perseverance that characterizes him. And even though this time he couldn’t win the prize and mark an unprecedented historic milestone for the country, It reaffirmed the territory’s reputation as one of the capitals of rap. on the globe.

After being eliminated in the quarter-finals, Three-time Red Bull Batalla international champion Aczino has announced that he will no longer participate in this tournament and will stay away from competitions. at 32 years old.

Relaunch the complete transmission of the event below.

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