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“It’s going to cause a lot of trouble”: Vanessa Daroch predicts the death of two television figures this year

Vanessa Daroch sees a tragic future on the cards for two TV faces.

The medium prophesied that two well-known and beloved men would lose their lives, he also assured that it was due to illness and not an accident.

This Thursday is the tarot reader Vanessa Daroch was a guest on the show Play time , where in a conversation with Joaquín Méndez, he read the letters and gave a big warning. The medium predicted the the deaths of two beloved television figures Chilean before the end of 2023.

After seeing the letters, Daroch made sure that these deaths would generate a huge media frenzy, because it was something shocking, and it would hit the national show. I saw two deaths of two men from television, dearly beloved ”, he said at the beginning.

“They are very close to people. One of the two is something very withered , we will wake up one day and find the news”, he added. Regarding the date when his prophecy might be fulfilled, he commented that it might be “the first week of December.”

Can those involved be warned?

Vanessa Daroch commented that these deaths of television figures they are not in the context of accidents for both will die of diseases, one of them more unexpectedly than the other.

Joaquín Méndez asked the tarot reader if there was a possibility to warn those involved that they were in danger, but he said it was not possible. “I don’t notice the deaths because you predispose the person to what will happen”, he commented.

“The tarot can tell you the date and the cause of your death, but due to ethics, no professional tarot reader can give you the answer because we don’t know how you will react he added the medium.

Finally, he concludes by saying that these deaths will be very shocking, so “it will cause chaos because it is something we do not think about”.

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