The case of Joe Pesci, the actor known for playing gangsters who was once linked to a real crime

Although innocent, the man from films like Goodfellas was considered a suspect in an armed attack on Garrett Warren.

Throughout his career, American actor Joe Pesci He stood out by playing the characters of gangsters and murderers. .

Among the films he participated in with these roles are some, like The Freedmen (1990), casino (1995) and the Irishman (2019) directed by Martin Scorsese.

His acclaimed roles in these films helped to connect him to the world of crime although coming from a fictitious sphere .

However, on one occasion, the police He actually considered him suspected of having committed a real crime, that is to say outside the spotlight. cameras and recording sets.

It was an armed attack which ended with five shots fired at actor and stuntman Garrett Warren .

Although he was later disassociated from the affair, it is one of Pesci’s most memorable episodes outside of his artistic career and he had a direct relationship with his wife, Claudia Haro.

The case of Joe Pesci, the actor known for playing gangsters who was once linked to a real crime. Photo: Claudia Haro/Joe Pesci.

What was the crime against Garrett Warren like?

It was May 2000, when a stranger knocked on the door of the house by Warren.

Once he opened it, He pulled out a gun and pulled the trigger five times: four shots hit him in the body and one in the face. .

Then before running away, He saw his mother looking outside and fired twice in her direction. .

However, the latter arrived towards a door frame, so the woman suffered no harm physical.

With, Warren survived all five shots .

In fact, when I was in the hospital, He himself reported the events to the police .

“A guy knocked on my door asking if the car in the driveway was mine. I told him yes, it was my car. So I opened the door and stuck my head out to see if my car had been hit. And when I did he raised a gun and he started shooting at me,” Warren explained, saving Infobae .

Following the shot he received in the face, near his right eye, the double was no longer able to see through it. .

After the attack, the officers They identified Warren’s ex-wife, actress Claudia Haro, as a suspect. .

What was your connection with Pesci? That she had also been married to the actor The Freedmen between 1988 and 1992.

Both They met in 1980 at a film company event and soon after, they began a relationship.

Eight years later, Pesci and Haro They decided to take the next step and get married. .

In the mentioned period, They had a daughter they named Tiffany, who forced them to continue seeing each other after their marriage broke up. .

Even, according to the aforementioned media, Haro sometimes slept at Pesci’s house, although in a separate room. .

After meeting Warren, she told the actor she wanted to marry him. .

In front of this situation, the man of casino expressed his support and attended the ceremony.

However, Warren and Haro divorced shortly after, leading to a custody dispute over their shared daughter. Kaylie.

Eventually, Justice gave this power to the double at the beginning of the 2000’s.

Less than six months later, he was the victim of the attack at the door of his house.

The case of Joe Pesci, the actor known for playing gangsters who was once linked to a real crime. Photo: Garrett Warren.

The result of the investigation

Claudia Haro was the first suspected of having orchestrated the attack. .

The agents They assumed that The divorce and legal dispute they had over their daughter could have influenced in which he wanted to attack him.

Despite these theories, At first they had no evidence to prove it, so they had to release her. of his arrest.

Two years passed with no progress in the case, until In 2002, San Bernardino police seized the car of a man suspected of being linked to drug trafficking. .

His name was Miguel Quiroz and owned a restaurant .

Although no drugs were found during this investigation, They found an envelope containing a photo of Warren and a plan of his house. .

Armed with these observations, they began the assessments and discovered that Quiroz maintained a business and friendly relationship with Claudia Haro’s younger brother, Manuel Haro. .

In the same way, He had ties to a subject named Jorge Hernández, who had a long criminal record. .

After a series of interrogations, It was deduced that Manuel Haro had hired Hernández to assassinate Warren and that the payment had been made by Claudia. .

According to the researchers, It was a sum of 10,000 dollars. a figure which, at the current exchange rate, would be close to 9 million 700 thousand Chilean pesos.

For these reasons, Claudia Haro was arrested in December 2005 for the attempted murder of Garrett Warren. .

At this moment, She was staying at Joe Pesci’s guest house because she was seeking support after separating from her third husband. Russell Armstrong.

This proximity to the actor it is suspected that he gave her the money to pay the hitman .

Even like this, They had no proof and the hypothesis was quickly dismissed .

For Claudia Haro the scenario was radically different: She was tried and in April 2012 she was sentenced to 12 years and four months in prison at the Corona Women’s Correctional Facility in California.

However, His good behavior in the penitentiary center contributed to his release in August 2019.

The case of Joe Pesci, the actor known for playing gangsters who was once linked to a real crime. Photo: Claudia Haro/Joe Pesci.

The call intercepted by the FBI

Although Pesci’s alleged involvement has been ruled out in this case, The actor was involved on another occasion in an alleged criminal case, although as a possible victim .

A telephone conversation intercepted by the FBI in 1982 revealed that Actor James Caan suggested hitman Anthony Fiato attack the man in The Freedmen due to an $8,000 debt he owed at a Miami hotel owned by a friend of his like saved Guardian .

“Jimmy (Caan) can say now that he’s friends with Pesci, but He can’t deny that at one point he tried to hurt her. . It’s recorded,” the well-known mafioso once said.

Despite the above, The actor who is one of Scorsese’s favorites was not attacked on this occasion and was able to pursue a acclaimed career. this keeps it active.

Friday February 9, 2024, I turned 81 .

The case of Joe Pesci, the actor known for playing gangsters who was once linked to a real crime. Photo: Joe Pesci.

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