‘You may have an alibi, but the CIA doesn’t’: What was said in Tucker Carlson’s controversial interview with Vladimir Putin

One of the points raised by the conservative commentator and the Russian president concerned the explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

Last Thursday The interview that Fox News commentator, Tucker Carlson he did it to the Russian president Vladimir Poutine in Moscow.

During the conversation which lasted a little over two hours, The president discussed issues such as the invasion his troops are carrying out in Ukraine now the roles UNITED STATES and the NATO .

Concerning the possibility of his forces attacking a member territory of the latter, he indicated that “That’s absolutely out of the question.” .

However, he warned that Yes, they would only be ready to do so “if Poland attacks Russia » .

On the other hand, at one time He asked him if he had considered speaking directly with United States President Joe Biden to find an agreement to end his operations in Ukraine. .

Considering this question, Putin assured that there are agencies of the two countries in contact each other.

However, he replied that “There is nothing to say” as long as they continue to send weapons to support the country of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

In his words, It’s “a strategic error” the United States.

“I’ll really tell you what we’re trying to get across to American leaders: If you really want to stop the fighting, you must stop supplying weapons. It would be over in a few weeks. “, suggested Putin.

With, He took a lot of space to make historical references that he said would explain why the Kremlin has a right to this territory. from Ukraine.

After carrying out his analysis which spans the 9th century, without leaving room for further comments from Carlson, He emphasized: “Ukraine is an artificial state that was formed by the will of Stalin. » .

These are just some of the topics covered. in their dialogue, largely dominated by Putin.

“You may have an alibi, but the CIA doesn’t”: that’s what was said in Tucker Carlson’s controversial interview with Vladimir Putin. Photo: Tucker Carlson/Vladimir Poutine

Vladimir Putin’s words about Nord Stream

Even if the problems mentioned are serious, The conversation between the Russian president and the conservative commentator was also marked by a series of laughter and ironic comments. .

One of the points addressed in this way was the explosion of Nord Stream gas pipelines which were built between Russia and Germany to transport gas across the Baltic Sea.

It is good to remember that This episode took place in September 2022 .

In this sense, Carlson asked him: “Who blew up Nord Stream? » .

“You, of course,” Putin replied. while pointing at him.

After hearing his answer, Carlson laughingly said to him: “That day I was very busy, I didn’t fly the Nord Stream” .

This is where the Russian president emphasized: “You may have an alibi, but the CIA doesn’t” .

Then Carlson asked him why Russia had not presented “evidence of the guilt of the United States in the destruction of the Nord Stream to win the propaganda war.

“It is very difficult to defeat you in a propaganda war: you control all the media in the world. We won’t get results, the whole world already knows what happened “, declared the head of the Kremlin.

You can verify full interview below .

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