4 Easy Ways to Find Out If Someone Blocked You on Instagram

There are various indicators that a user may have performed this action on your account. You will find some of them here.

Instagram offers a range of possibilities to more than a billion people who use it around the world. And one of them is precisely to block other users .

This feature is part of their privacy and security policies. Generally speaking, pallows the account concerned to not be able to interact with the one who carried out the measurement so you can’t message him or see his posts or stories.

In this sense, there are certain methods that may give clues that you have been blocked on the social network .

Below are four two.

4 easy ways to find out if someone has blocked you on Instagram. Photo: reference.

1. Search the user name in the app

This may seem obvious, but is the first thing to do to check if a lock has been applied .

In the search bar, you can enter the name of the user in question. If you took care to enter it correctly and it still doesn’t appear, this may indicate that you have been blocked. or that this account has been deleted.

2. Check the messages section

If you had an internal conversation with this account, look for it in the mailing list .

In the event that his name has changed to “Instagram User”, without the platform no longer providing data or allowing you to follow him, it is likely that he has blocked you or that your profile has been deleted.

Notably This method only applies if there has been some type of prior interaction in this way. .

3. Try viewing your account from the web version

A third option is to search for the user’s name through the web version of the application, via the following address: www.instagram.com/(the account in question) .

For that, you need to make sure it is spelled correctly and you are not logged in with your profile.

If the user can only be seen by this method, this already indicates more clearly that you have indeed been blocked. .

On another side, If you still don’t see it, it could be due to other reasons. .

4. Show interactions

If your account and the one you suspect are blocked, you have had interactions, You can check if the likes or comments on posts are still there .

Otherwise, they may have blocked you or their username may have been suspended. .

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