The past of comedian Lucho Miranda in a municipality: “He was a bad accountant”

Before becoming an actor, he worked for four years in a town where he made a series of mistakes. This is what he said about his experience.

The comedy of the third day of Vineyard Festival 2024 will be in charge of Lucho Miranda, a comedian who will make his debut at Quinta Vergara and who has high expectations from the public.

Professional auditor, in an interview with Advice , spoke with Julio César Rodríguez about his first job after leaving university: he spent four years at Municipality of Vicuña .

It was his experience.

The past of comedian Lucho Miranda in a municipality: “He was a bad accountant”

The passage of Lucho Miranda through the municipality of Vicuña

The young He studied accounting and auditing at the University of La Serena. Once graduated, was received in the municipality of Vicuña. “I was a bad accountant” he said laughing to JC.

Although He was “bad with numbers.” I wanted to study a career related to them.

“Among all the options, there was English, but in accounting, there was only one. So I said ‘ahh, an…easy shade’. And then I studied and I realized that you don’t see so many numbers, it’s more books and texts,” he said.

Once hired at “Muni,” as he calls it, he realized that he was not doing his job well.

He was a municipal officer: the past of Lucho Miranda, the actor who will be in Viña 2024

So JC asked him the usual question: “Did you get shit…?”

“Be fed up” replied the actor who will make his debut at Viña 2024. One of them was the overpayment of some civil servants. When he realized his mistake, “the chub came.” I had to call and say “hey, I paid you this extra money, can you pay it back?” and the other person was still making a fool of himself… So then I had to check (…) and I had to give the money back.”

“I would like to point out that all this money was returned at the time” he assured.

Besides the fact that he didn’t like his job very much, “They paid me very poorly, always the minimum and last year they paid me a little more.”

Until he decided to do an online comedy show where, as he said, he earned the same salary as in the municipality by working for a month, the difference being that he didn’t feel bad about it. comfortable in this place.

“There, I said ‘goodbye boss’. “I still left in good shape.”

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