‘Tata’ Martino says there is hope that ‘Tecatito’ Corona will recover in time to go to the World Cup.

“Hope dies last” is a famous Mexican saying and it seems to be the philosophy the team led by Gerardo Martino adopts regarding the case Jesus Manuel Corona one of her best players, who is undergoing a long rehabilitation after a fracture of the fibula and torn ligaments in the ankle joint of the left leg.

This injury was expected to keep him off the courts for approximately three months, which would make him unlikely to play at the World Cup in Qatar; however, Mexico’s DT revealed information that fans took as a beacon of hope as announced that Tecatito could complete rehab a few weeks earlier than planned, to there is still a possibility that he can take part in the world championship.

“Jesus Manuel Corona is undergoing rehabilitation in Seville and we have a desire that the first days of October he could work with us and have a chance to compete for a place— optimistically declared Three helmsman.

“This is the last call before the final list for the World Cup, there is a large base of players who will be in Qatar, but this does not deprive a player who is not there right now,” he said. opening the door for a striker Hailing from Hermosillo, Sonora.

It is worth remembering that the Sevilla striker was only able to play the first game of this season with his club before the injury and that he is about to complete two months of inactivity, so in case he completes his rehabilitation in October and is ready to travel to Qatar in November, before before his name appears on the call, he will have to earn a seat, since, according to the strategist, no one “guaranteed his presence.”

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Author: Jorge Hernandez
Source: Laopinion

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