Russia wants to prevent the flight of reservists and could prohibit the departure of all men from its territory

Russia shields itself against the exodus of its men. According to some sources, the Rostov region, bordering Ukraine, has prohibited the departure of all Russian males from Putin’s territory.

Martial Law that could affect the entire Federation starting Wednesday. The Kremlin’s goal is to make it difficult for more reservists to flee. A multitude has already fled Russia since last Wednesday, Putin declared the forced mobilization of 300,000 men.

Many are being stopped across the country

The fastest crossed the borders but many are being stopped crossing cross-country in other bordering countriesyes At the same time, the situation is increasingly tense inside Russia. The recruitment is especially affecting Russians who belong to minority ethnic groups.

That yes, in Moscow and Saint Petersburg the demonstrations are daily, in spite of the ferocious repression. While, Russia continues with the referendums in the areas of Ukraine occupied by its armyconsultations riddled with irregularities whose objective is to annex the east of the occupied country.

The exodus of Russian citizens continues

Turkey is one of the countries that registers the massive arrival of Russian citizens. Hundreds of direct flights from Moscow to Istanbul were sold out following the announcement by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The queues to cross the Russian border with Finland are larger than usual after Helsinki announced to block the entry of Russian tourists.

Source: Antena3


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