Protecting the “dreamers”: now or never, they tell Congress

Civic organizations, elected officials, business people and other leaders pressure on Congress to pass immigration protection for “dreamers”‘, given that it’s “now or never” because as of January 3, 2023, the Republicans will control the House of Representatives.

The Immigration Hub recalled that Democrats, mostly in the Senate, still have a chance to approve the plan during the period known as the “lame duck”, which ends towards the end of December.

Also trying to take advantage of the fact that some Republicans may join the bipartisan plan.

[Hay] bipartisan call for protection of the Dreamers by elected officialsbusiness leaders, higher education groups and a wide range of advocates have renewed the urgent need to secure a legislative solution before conservative courts close the program indefinitely,” advocates say.

They cite the final decision of the Court of Appeal, which may affect the Children’s Deferral Program (DHAKA).

“Senators must reach a bipartisan agreement by the end of the year as the current minority leader, [el republicano] Kevin McCarthyHe has vowed to block any immigration reform in the next Congress. “His promise was confirmed when he saw Stephen Miller I’m heading to McCarthy’s office.”

Miller is best known as the creator of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policy, promoting programs such as Stay in Mexico and Title 42 that have affected hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

Activists recall that the US Conference of Mayors (USCM), a bipartisan group of US mayors, called on Congressional leaders to provide permanent legal status and a path to citizenship for “dreamers.”

“It is important that… CCongress grants permanent legal status and a path to citizenship for all Dreamers, people who have lived in the United States since childhood and built their lives here, ”says the letter sent to congressmen.

Democrats need 10 Republicans to pass any bill in the Senate.

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