In Berlin, environmental activists paralyzed the work of the airport

Eco-activists paralyzed the work of the airport in Berlin

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The main anti-heroes of the day were German environmental activists. Their actions finally crossed the line of the law and could lead to a real tragedy. The group made their way to the airfield of the Berlin airport and captured it. The work of the air harbor was paralyzed, the planes did not land and did not take off. Those that at that moment were preparing for landing had to be sent to the second circle. The situation was followed by a European correspondent REN TV Vitaly Chashchukhin.

In Berlin, environmental activists paralyzed the work of the airport

Climate terrorism live: activists cut the fence of the Berlin airport with ordinary wire cutters and freely enter the runway from two sides at once, managing to broadcast their every step to a multi-million audience of social networks.

And then everything is on knurled: they stick themselves to the take-off, unfold posters, put forward demands.

Even judging by this video, the first police sirens appeared at least ten minutes after the invasion, and those are somewhere far away. While we arrived, while twisted …

During this time, eco-activists even managed to ride a bicycle in the middle of the lane.

But the planes had to be urgently redirected to other airports, and there are still many hours of delays on the board for both arriving and departing flights from Berlin.

The group, which ostentatiously calls itself the “Last Generation”, has been attacking European cities for several months now.

Climate protesters make headlines almost every day, rioting museums, gluing themselves to the pavement at interchanges during the morning and evening rush hours.

Recently, due to their road blockade in the same Berlin, an ambulance was late to the scene of a serious accident in which a downed cyclist died as a result.

Considering that the German government, which, as you know, now includes the Greens, turns a blind eye to this, then they can get away with invading the airport – from these same ones glued right to the runway.

And this, perhaps, is all that is now needed to know about European flight safety, which turned out to be paralyzed so easily.

Source: Ren TV


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