The US Democratic Party wants to replace Iowa with South Carolina as the starting state in the primaries to choose the candidate for the 2024 presidential elections

Friday the US Democratic Party he voted in favor of replacing Iowa with South Carolina as the starting state for the Party primaries in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election: the decision will now have to be formally approved by another ballot, which will probably have the same results. The state in which the party primaries begin is the one in which the selection process begins by which the presidential candidate is chosen: these are elections of great symbolic importance and of notable influence on the course of the primaries. in general.

The Democratic Party’s primaries had started in Iowa for 50 years and the decision to change states had several reasons: among these, the desire to start voting in states more populated by blacks or non-whites, and therefore more representative of the electorate of the Democratic Party, also under the impetus of pressures part of the party: in Iowa, the population is predominantly white.

Source: ilpost


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