Ukraine accuses its embassies of receiving animal eyes in bloody bags

The government of Ukraine has reported unusual attacks on some of its embassies in Europe, which have received blood bags with animal eyes.

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko said that the embassies and consulates of Ukraine in six European countries received in the last few days parcels from animal eyes.

The official explained that “parcels with blood” were received by the Ukrainian embassies in Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Croatia and Italyas well as consulates in Naples (Italy), Krakow (Poland) and the Czech city of Brno.

“We learning the meaning of this message“, Nikolenko said in a Facebook statement, adding that Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba ordered all affected embassies and consulates to be put on high alert. under heavy guard.

previous attacks

The bloodied letters were presented after they were sent. six card bomb last week to addresses in Spain, including Embassy of Ukraine in MadridPrime Minister Pedro Sanchez and the United States Embassy in Madrid, prompting Spain to beef up security.

On Tuesday, an employee of the Madrid Embassy injured after opening the package addressed to the Ambassador of Ukraine in Spain. The staff member decided to open a parcel received by regular mail in the embassy’s garden because it contained a small box.

A few hours after the incident, the Spanish police said that sent a similar message Spanish arms company Rocket launcher that Spain donated to Kyivand that they believe the two incidents are related.

Nikolenko also said that the recording Residence of the Ambassador of Ukraine in the Vatican it was vandalized, and the Ukrainian embassy in Kazakhstan was warned about the attack, although this was not confirmed.

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