The British began to take away food from pets due to the crisis

The Independent: In Britain, they began to eat cat food due to high prices

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The increase in food prices has led the British to rush to eat pet food. Writes about it The Independent.

Bills for everything are growing all over the country. Because of this, families are forced to choose between food and heating. Some go to extremes.

“I’m still in shock from the fact that some people finish eating food for pets, while others warm up food on candles or on a radiator,” said Mark Steed, head of the food program from Cardiff.

He stated that such stories “amaze to the core.” Cardiff is a thriving city, Steed says, but there are “unacceptable pockets of deprivation”.

The townspeople are underpaid, so they cannot afford what they need. Inflation has led to higher prices: because of this, people save or even refuse something.

The Independent stressed that the current rise in prices in the UK is the highest in 40 years. At the same time, no one raises the salaries of people. It is assumed that in the next two years the average purchasing power of the British will decrease by 6.2%.

Most civil servants, especially teachers and doctors, are forced to turn to food programs in order to survive. Some even go on strike to demand higher wages.

The European Union’s rejection of Russian energy resources is part of large-scale anti-Russian sanctions adopted by Western countries after the start of the Russian special operation to protect Donbass. However, the sanctions have done more economic harm to Europe itself than to Russia. For example, in August, a thousand cubic meters of gas in Europe went up to $3,200. The International Energy Agency has warned of an unprecedented energy crisis in Europe.

Europeans are coming out to protest against the uncontrolled rise in prices for food, essential goods and housing and communal services. In Germany, they have already begun to prepare for regular power outages.

France is running out of gas at gas stations due to the energy crisis. The British refuse heating, so as not to get into debt. In Berlin, due to fuel shortages, residents have cut down almost all the trees in the Tiergarten central park. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called on the country’s population to prepare for a difficult winter.

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