The number of Ukrainian diplomatic posts that received bloody parcels has risen to 17

The number of Ukrainian embassies that received bloody packages rose to 17, including several in Europe. The case became known on Friday, when it was learned that six Ukrainian embassies had received similar packages. In an interview with CNN published in the early hours of Saturday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba updated the calculation, bringing it to 17 (the Guardian speak out of 18 cases, without explaining the discrepancy).

Kuleba spoke on Friday of a “planned campaign of terror and intimidation”, citing packages delivered to six countries: Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia and the Czech Republic. cnn he more explicitly accused Russia of being behind these expeditions.

However, there is still no certainty about the sender of these packages or certainty about their motivations: for the moment no complaint has been broadcast. A Kuleba spokesman said he believed the shipments came from a single European country, without giving further details and saying an investigation was ongoing.

Source: ilpost


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