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Hot conversation with the moderator Kurt Kromer: During an interview with a comedian Faisal Kavusi there was a small scandal in the RBB program “Chez Krömer”. Kremer (48) interrupted the conversation a few minutes before the end and left the stylized interrogation room.

He then said in front of the cameras, “Today is the day I think (…) I’m going to go home and see if I can revisit the concept.” Then he got up and left. Several media outlets have previously reported on the show.

Faisal Kavusi: “I have played over 2000 matches, this is not my biography!”

The tone was set from the start, with Kremer introducing the show with the line “You’ll only know about it from a bad Instagram joke.” Then he spoke to Kavusi on the intercom: “Mr. Kavusi, I read everything again, today is going to be a real shitty show.” The full version of the interview is available in the ARD media library.

First, it was about the comments of Kavousis on Instagram. He made fun of the knockouts on social media. Sat.1 even stopped working with the comedian after that. He was visibly annoyed at being asked this subject again. He stood up for his mistake. “I have played over 2000 matches, this is not my biography!”

But Kremer did not give up and did not buy the apology. Eventually, Kavusi once again joked about knockout drops on Instagram. And that wasn’t the only problem: he also referenced a statement that was criticized as racist about “Let’s Dance” juror Motsi Mabuse and a poster from the comedian’s tour commemorating the fatal arrest of George Floyd in 2020.

Kavusi stated that he was not a racist and was not hostile to anyone. The parents of the 31-year-old man are from Afghanistan and came to Germany in 1989 as political refugees. Kavusi was born in Hesse in 1991.

Kurt Kremer: “I’m not in the mood anymore either. We’ve got some assholes here, including you.”

At the end, Kremer asked: “You are often accused of making your jokes mostly clichés and stereotypes and mostly about minorities. Why do you always leave? Kavushi didn’t understand anything anymore: “I’m a kanake myself, what does down mean?” He is also a minority and cannot retire if he himself is at the level. Kremer only moaned in agony. “Who creates this table? Who is above and who is below,” Kavusi said in a rage.

Kremer closed the folder. “I’m not in the mood either. We have only assholes here, including you,” the moderator joked. – You only talk shit. – And what does it mean? asked Kavusi. “Now you can back off.” When he did not make the slightest movement to leave the room, Kremer finally left on his own.

The show features celebrities and politicians answering questions from moderator Kurt Kremer. Guests included former Bild editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt, former Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) and former AfD party leader Frauke Petri. (ff)

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