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Andrea Escalona criticized for stalking her in late pregnancy and responds to ‘everyone who has been offended’

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Andrea Escalona received heavy criticism on social media after performing a huge “perreo” to the ground with everything and her eight months pregnantbut before the accusations, the host of the Hoy program sent a sharp response to her detractors.

Deceased Producer’s Daughter Magda Rodriguez He is experiencing the best phase of his life, and in recent months he has shared this with the audience of the Hoi program; but she not only received messages of congratulations and well wishes, as a few days ago she again gave something to talk about due to the reggaeton dance in the middle of her late pregnancy, a situation that caused concern and criticism on her social networks.

Everything happened during the visit Nicky Jam to the Televisa morning show, so during a dynamic performance, Escalona decided to showcase his dancing skills by making a few hip movements.

After she shared the moment on her Instagram profile, she was criticized in which some users thought it could mean a risk to her health, in addition to those who assured her attitude was only to draw attention. without thinking about the welfare of her child.

“It’s funny, everything is to attract attention”, “And if he slipped, it’s not bad to dance, but it’s not customary to do such things impulsively”, “What he did was very bad, and no one tells him anything”, “You should take care of himself more!”, “He always wants to get attention”, “First his baby is born and then he does these ridiculous things!!”, “It didn’t look good at all”, “He always wants to go outside more, than Gali and Andrea,” wrote one.

Given the controversy, the singer also shared a new video of the farewell dance she performed with Pablo Monterowhich he took the opportunity to defend himself against the accusations.

“Per to all those who were offended by my perreo with Nicky JamHere’s another little dance with Pablo Montero. And it’s good that they didn’t see me doing small things with my boyfriend… because that’s where they get patatús,” he began.

He stressed that “respect for someone else’s pregnancy is the world” and asked to stop normalizing “messing with the body, health and decisions of a pregnant woman”, as this only concerns her and her doctor.

He stressed that the networks should serve to connect, not criticize, as each acts according to what she experiences, “pain, insecurity and growth.”

He ended his message by asking for more love, sympathy, compassion and mercy, because that will change everything.

last June Andrea Escalona confirmed her first pregnancy and since then has never ceased to express how happy this new stage in her life made her. On Thursday, December 1, he said goodbye to the Televisa morning show to take a few days off before the birth of his first child, whom he hopes to receive on December 26.

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