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Ukrainian prisoners said that they almost never teach how to shoot in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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Most of the militants held weapons in their hands once or twice during the six months of training.

Photo: © REUTERS/Valentin Ogirenko

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Ukrainians who were drafted into the army after the announcement of general mobilization in the country are hardly taught how to shoot. This was told by prisoners of war from Nezalezhnaya.

For example, Alexander Pavlenko was asked how he assesses his level of military training on a five-point scale. The prisoner replied that one, since he was only twice at the training ground before being sent to the front.

Maxim Pisarev, a militant from the city of Sumy, found himself in almost the same situation. No one gave him combat skills either. All six months of the mobilization service, the Ukrainian and his comrades were digging trenches.

“I am a cook, I constantly cooked, in six months I only shot 11 rounds … I went once (to shooting), the second time I didn’t go, and my colleagues also fired around 10 rounds a second time. All this in six months“, – he shared with RIA Novosti.

Constantly dug trenches instead of training and militants from Vitania Martynenko’s group. He fired only 11 rounds during the entire preparation. Once, for six months, Alexander Kalinovsky also held a weapon in his hands.

“I shot once, it turns out. Four sighting cartridges – I didn’t hit anywhere at all, seven times just in the field at the target. And that’s all”he clarified.

The commanders constantly promised the unit of the captured Oleg Popov to conduct large-scale shooting training. The officers also said that they allegedly had enough ammunition for this.

“We were promised a lot, because they said that we have enough ammunition, just enough. As a result, we fired very little … There were five shootings, and one night, they fired 10-15 rounds”Popov said.

Another captured militant – Sergei Romensky – fired three times during the whole preparation.

“I fired three rounds – they were still taken in Sumy as soon as they were mobilized. While the battalion was being formed, we were all taken to shooting, I shot three rounds”– said the prisoner of war.

Recall that previously captured Ukrainian militant Dmitry Protsenko spoke about the training he took in the UK. According to the Ukrainian, all the training was useless.

Source: Ren TV

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