Alien technology signatures could lead us to search for life on other planets

One of the methods search for intelligent life beyond our planet is to monitor the signals of extraterrestrial technology in order to detect any civilization intelligent enough to develop technologies.

Astronomers at the University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania are working to characterize and detect signs of technology from beyond Earththese marks are known as technosignatures.

According to author Jill Tarter, technosignatures They are defined as evidence of technology that changes the environment in a detectable way, which is what astronomers are looking for in order to find extraterrestrial life.

looking for alien technology It began in 1959 when astronomers Giuseppe Cocconi and Philip Morrison demonstrated that radio transmissions from Earth could be detected by radio telescopes at interstellar distances.

That same year, Frank Drake launched the first SETI search, Project Ozma. aiming a large radio telescope to two nearby stars like the Sun to see if he can detect any radio signals coming from them.

However, these early fundamental attempts to detect radio or laser signals from another civilization they were looking for concentrated and powerful signals that were deliberately sent into the solar system and that they wanted to find, so they were not very effective.

Although the possible discovery alien radio frequencies remains a very important part of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, astronomers are now also looking for other types of signals this may make them suspect the presence of a civilization beyond our planet.

In addition to searching for radio frequencies

One of these signs may be megastructures built by some kind of extraterrestrial intelligencelike a Dyson sphere. A hypothetical huge sphere (invented by astronomer Freeman Dyson) with which a technologically advanced civilization could collect a significant portion of the light from a nearby star as energy.

Another technological problem that astronomers have been thinking about is environmental pollution. Chemical pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons on Earth are produced almost exclusively by human industry. So if astronomers find planet with an atmosphere full of chemicals what can only be produced with technology can be a sign of life.

Light or artificial heat of cities and industry could also be detected with large optical and infrared telescopes, just like a large number of satellites in orbit around the planet.

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