The third season of The Witcher will be released on the streaming service Netflix in the summer of 2023. superstar Henry Cavill then hangs a witcher’s sword and a wolf medallion on a nail, because Australian actor Liam Hemsworth is taking on the role from the already confirmed fourth season.

Cavill to receive ‘most heroic farewell’

Lauren S. Hissrich, The Witcher’s showrunner, has revealed to EW some details about Cavill’s departure from the popular fantasy series. Accordingly, the British giant will receive the “most heroic farewell” possible – although the third season was not originally intended to be his farewell.

In the world of The Witcher, witchers work as monster killers for money. The protagonist Geralt von Rivia does not belong to any of the numerous factions on the continent and does not follow any king or ruler. However, by the end of the third season, according to showrunner Hissrich, that is exactly what will change: “Geralt’s big change is that he gives up his neutrality and does everything possible to get to Ciri.” This, according to Hissrich, explains the character’s aforementioned “heroic farewell”.

Season four: Geralt of Rivia returns to others

In the fourth season, the protagonist of the series is guided by a “new mission”. “When we meet him again in Season 4, he will turn out to be a slightly different Geralt than we expected.” While acknowledging the irony of his own words about the cast change, Hissrich adds, “That’s an understatement, by the way.”

In the upcoming third season of the Netflix series, the creator also promises a real fireworks of exciting moments. As such, the new episodes will consist of “a very large number of major action sequences, twists and turns, character formation moments, and huge revelations around a big villain.” A harmonious farewell to series star Cavill, as showrunner Hissrich points out, “Henry has given so much to the show and we want to pay tribute to him.”
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