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Ex-head of France: Minsk agreements helped Kyiv become stronger

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Former French President Hollande said that the Minsk agreements allowed Kyiv to strengthen its army

Photo: © Global Look Press/Madeleine Kelly/Keystone Press Agency

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Former French President Francois Hollande supported the words of ex-German Chancellor Angela Merkel about why the Minsk agreements were really needed, namely, to give Kyiv time to strengthen its army.

“Since 2014, Ukraine has strengthened its military position. Indeed, the Ukrainian army is completely different from what it was in 2014. It is better trained and equipped. The merit of the Minsk agreements is that they provided the Ukrainian army with such an opportunity”Hollande said in an interview with the Kyiv Independent.

At the same time, the former French leader emphasized that the West also used the Minsk agreements – “for a breather”, because, as he later noted, NATO weakened the presidency of Donald Trump.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the situation with the Minsk agreements. He said that while Russia hoped for peace agreements with Ukraine, the Kremlin was led by the nose.

After Merkel’s words about the Minsk agreements, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov said that Russia no longer has reason to trust the words of European politicians.

Earlier, Merkel, in an interview with Die Zeit, said that the Minsk agreements were an attempt to give Kyiv time. Ukraine, according to Merkel, used it to become stronger.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called Merkel’s words a revelation and even a confession, because the West had never clearly said before that Kyiv was not going to fulfill the Minsk agreements. Maria Zakharova noted that Merkel’s statement caused confusion among many experts. The diplomat added that now Russia has the recognition of the former leader of Germany, which had influence on “political unrest within a sort of sovereign Ukraine.”

On December 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was disappointed with Merkel’s words about the Minsk agreements.

Source: Ren TV

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