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Chinese companies pay $14,000 a year to virtual people to work for them

Science fiction told stories about how robots could replace workers, but now reality lets us see what Companies in China are starting to hire virtual people.

According to a CNBC report, Chinese companies pay big money for virtual employees from working in customer service to the entertainment industry.

Technology company Baidu stressed that the number the number of virtual people projects he has worked on for clients has doubled since 2021.. These projects, according to Baidu, register a wide range of prices from $2800 to a significant amount $14,300 year.

virtual people combination of animation, sound technology and machine learning that create digitized people who can sing and even interact live.

As Baidu shows, some buyers of virtual people financial companies, local tourist offices and state media.

Icons without scandals

One of the biggest advantages of virtual people for which they are hired is that free from scandals and negative behavior which may affect the image of the company.

In China, according to CNBC, brands are looking for alternative representatives after many celebrities were recently involved in negative press due to tax evasion or personal scandals.

A survey released this fall by the Kantar Group, a London-based UK data analytics and consulting firm. at least 36% of consumers have seen a speech by a virtual influencer or famous digital last year.

By 2023 45% of advertisers say they could sponsor a virtual influencer. or invite a virtual person to attend a brand event, according to Kantar’s report.

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