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After rape: London police officer faces decades in prison

A London police officer is sentenced to decades in prison for multiple rapes.

Prosecutor Tom Little said in court in the British capital on Monday that the 48-year-old woman used her power to violently and brutally abuse multiple women.

After rape: London police officer faces decades in prison

“When given the opportunity, he would use it to rape, sexually abuse or assault victims and/or humiliate them,” Little said. It was systematic harassment. It didn’t matter if he was in a long-term relationship with women or knew them for a short time.

In January, defendants confessed to a series of crimes over a nearly 20-year period. He is considered one of the most serious criminal serial rapists in recent British history. A decision is expected this Tuesday.

Police officer said to have humiliated some of his victims

The police officer is said to have humiliated some of his victims by locking them in a small warehouse or pissing on them. According to the indictment, the police frightened the women with their identity cards. The man flew away only in 2021 when a woman reported him. Later, more victims came forward. Investigators do not rule out that the police officer committed much more crimes than was admitted.

48 years old, checked several times throughout his career

The 48-year-old actor was checked several times throughout his career, but was always allowed to work. London police apologized for this. The Interior Ministry has instructed all police departments in the country to compare their officers’ data with police databases. The case commemorates the murder of Sarah Everard of London, who was abducted, raped and murdered using an identity card by a Metropolitan Police officer in March 2021.


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