Turkish attacks earthquake zone: Ernst-Dziedzic calls to stop

The Greens’ foreign policy spokesperson, Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic, called for an immediate end to Turkey’s attacks on the earthquake zone.

“It is scandalous for a NATO country to deliberately make this humanitarian disaster worse by bombing,” Ernst-Dziedzic, now in Erbil, Iraq, broadcast on Thursday. said.

Ernst-Dziedzic calls for an end to attacks on the earthquake zone

He described the lack of criticism from other NATO member states as “incomprehensible”. Ernst-Dziedzic said, “The international community is being called upon to draw a red line here against Turkish President Erdogan.”

Numerous media and aid organizations have reported on Turkey’s bombing attacks in the Kurdish-controlled area around Tel Rifat in northern Syria, and the Syrian regime’s attack on the rebel-controlled town of Marea, shortly after Monday’s natural disaster. British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly denounced the government of monarch Bashar Assad for “totally unacceptable bombing”.

Ernst-Dziedzic: Years of blockade make the emergency situation worse

Ernst-Dziedzic emphasized that the years of blockade of Kurdish-controlled areas will greatly worsen the emergency situation in the earthquake area. The National Council member said the border gates remain closed for humanitarian aid because almost all of northern Syria is under Turkish control. According to him, these can be opened by Turkey immediately, there is no need for a UN Security Council resolution for this.

All medical supplies in the earthquake and civil war zone have already been “ruined” due to continued attacks by the Turkish, Syrian and Russian sides. Ernst-Dziedzic, “The international community of states and organizations responsible for aid are called upon to ensure that the relief supplies transported to the disaster area reach all people affected by the earthquake.” Austrian initiatives can make a valuable contribution.


Source: Vienna


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