Two weeks after the entry into force of the EU Commission’s two new implementing regulations, the topic of “insects in food” is generating excitement among consumers. The mind often seems to be overshadowed by negative emotions. Fear that we have been eating bugs for a long time without our knowledge It also stems from the false claim that insects are mollusks.


Insects are not mollusks, even in the larval stage. Allergen information on mollusks has been mandatory in EU food since a 2006 regulation. This situation has been applied in the field of unpackaged food and groceries since the end of 2011, and in the field of gastronomy since the end of 2014.

in detail

Text that has appeared countless times in the last few days Facebook and Telegram groups It was shared, to describe a scenario of fear for some people: According to this, insects – that is, mollusks – are already present, for example, in pasta. However, insects are not mollusks, not even in their larval stages, which is often the case. precisely referred to as “worms”. Even true worms are not mollusks, both are just part of the body. group of unrelated invertebrates.

The group of mollusks includes snails, mussels and squid. The products obtained from them are used, among other things. It is processed in spicy pies, paellas, soups, sauces, dressings or charcuterie salads.“. In products you must According to directive 2006/142/EC recognized as an allergen since at the latest Christmas 2008.