Metropolitan of the UOC was sent to the SBU because of the Russian numbers on the phone

The persecution of the clergy of the UOC in Ukraine continues.

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The persecution of the clergy of the UOC in Ukraine continues. This time, the Metropolitan was taken to the SBU for interrogation, in whose phone book they found Russian numbers.

The clergyman was detained by border guards in the Kyiv region. According to the DPSU Telegram channel, Russian telephone numbers and information about unidentified “anti-Ukrainian activities” were allegedly found in the metropolitan’s phone. Just as the authors of the channel stated, the priest opposed the OCU.

“Law enforcement officers handed over the priest to the SBU officers for further “heartfelt conversation“, – reported in the Telegram channel.

The persecution of the clergy of the UOC, including from the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, began in the fall of 2022. Many were accused of pro-Russian activities and criminal cases were initiated against them.

The situation escalated to the limit in March 2023, when the authorities announced the termination of the lease agreement with the monks of the monastery, allegedly due to violations of the terms of the contract on their part. Then they were ordered to leave the monastery until March 29, the clergy filed a complaint with the court. Then raider seizures of temples began throughout Nezalezhnaya.

The Russian Federation has repeatedly stressed that it strongly condemns the persecution of the Kyiv regime against the church, and asked the international community to pay attention to the situation. The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that Zelensky’s anti-church steps against the UOC provoked a deeper split in Ukrainian society.

Source: Ren TV


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