Today’s horoscope for Gemini for October 3, 2023.


(21.05 ? 20.06)

If you have been unsupported by someone in the past or you have felt abandoned without explanation, it is time to move on from that experience. Avoid reliving traumas over and over again. Consider therapy sessions to close this chapter and move forward and free yourself from old chains!


Love horoscope for Gemini

The world outside is waiting for you to discover it. You have enough enthusiasm and drive to support two people. Perhaps you will finally discover your place, the city you are in again, or maybe just go on a trip. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll have twice as much fun if you do it with your partner or friend.


Money horoscope for Gemini

Even if you feel like the whole world is yours, try not to buy it all at once. It’s important not to let your abundance control your money, so keep an eye on your finances. Think twice whether you need a purchase or not.


Sex horoscope for Gemini

Sex with a partner is good. You’re uncomplicated, confident, and effective at pleasing her, especially when she’s a little nervous or awkward. You are always ready to help. Take your time and show him how you want to be touched in those special places. Now switch roles.

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