Today’s horoscope for Leo for October 3, 2023.


(21.07 ? 21.08)

If you’re tired of your current job, this is the perfect time to make a change. Consider starting your own business or embarking on a new independent professional adventure. Don’t let fear stop you, so you will reach the top!


Love horoscope for Leo

Every comment you make is likely to be interpreted in the worst possible way, and an innocent joke can be interpreted as an insult. If you are patient with people, it will save you from having to constantly explain why you are nervous. Always try to be treated the same way you expect others to treat you.


Money horoscope for Leo

Today is extremely promising for new major acquisitions. You have an instinct for a good deal and are not easily intimidated. Friends will give you honest advice if you need it. Put your extra money to good use: things will go smoothly and you’ll be sure to find the right deal.


Sex horoscope for Leo

You and your partner know exactly what you like and what you find exciting and stimulating about each other. When it comes to sex, your partner knows exactly how you like it! Tell him you’d like him to do it a little differently, or suggest some unusual places for lovemaking moments. You’ll be surprised how creative they can be!

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