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The abundance of draft dodgers in Ukraine found an unusual explanation

In Ukraine, the abundance of draft dodgers was explained by a “decrease in motivational resource”

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A large number of draft dodgers in Ukraine is explained by the “decrease in the motivational resource” of the citizens of the country. The corresponding statement was made by the press secretary of the Ukrainian Defense Forces “South” Natalia Gumenyuk.

She stressed that at first the country believed that “they would mobilize all the resources and be able to stop the Russian army in two or three weeks.” But the conflict has been going on for more than a year, it is very difficult to counteract the Russian army. Moreover, the population of Russia is five times higher than that of Ukraine. As a result, the “motivational resource” of Ukrainians has decreased, RIA Novosti reports.

In addition, many Ukrainians have been evacuated to regions far from hostilities and do not want to be registered with military registration and enlistment offices. As a result, they simply do not receive agendas. However, they can still meet with the military commissar.

Gumenyuk also assessed the legality of cases of detention of conscripts without the participation of police squads.

Recruiting centers do not aim to kidnap people. Here you need to start with yourself and give an answer whether you have fulfilled the things provided for by law, your obligations. Whether everyone came every five years to the territorial recruitment center and verified information about their personal data, passed a medical examination. The statistics of our work show that this did not happen.” she concluded.

Earlier, Advisor to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Yuriy Sak said that Kyiv was considering continuing mobilization, and even more people could be called up to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It is known that Ukrainians of military age who are trying to get to Russia from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, at the request of Kyiv, are forcibly returned to their homeland in order to mobilize. Ukrainians leaving Poland for Belarus are also forcibly mobilized. In mid-February, it was reported that forced mobilization led to huge losses among the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Source: Ren TV

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