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Netflix: They discover a new scam method using fake account cancellation messages

In recent days, various cybersecurity companies have been warning about a new type of scam that uses supposed messages from Netflix to trick users into stealing their personal information.

A new type of fraud consists in sending messages purporting to be from the platform account sharing termination notification. The scammers are trying to get users to panic and click on the attached link to avoid having their account closed.

However, once the user clicks on the link, they are redirected to a fake web page that mimics the look and feel of Netflix.where you will be asked to enter your personal information, including your username, password and payment details.

Security experts have warned users about the importance of not clicking on suspicious links and always verifying the authenticity of messages they receive before providing any personal information.

In addition, they recommend using strong passwords and changing them regularly, not sharing personal information online, and keeping your antivirus software up to date.

It’s important to note that Netflix never sends emails asking for personal or billing information.. If users receive a suspicious message, it is best to delete it immediately and not click on any attached links.

Account Sharing

Sharing Netflix accounts has been a common practice among users of the platform.. However, it has recently become known that Netflix is ​​looking for ways to limit this practice in order to increase its income.

The platform seeks to force users who use shared accounts to pay for their individual account, which can lead to a significant increase in company revenue.

This measure has drawn opposition from users who believe that account sharing is a fair practice. and it helps to reduce platform access costs.

However, from Netflix’s point of view, account sharing represents a significant loss of revenue because users using shared accounts do not pay for individual access to the platform.

It is important to note that this measure will not only affect users who use shared accounts, but also those who use the passwords of friends or family members to access the platform.

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Author: Julian Castillo
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