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Laura Bozzo makes debut at 70 as nightclub DJ | VIDEO

Scandalous TV presenter Laura Bozzo surprised everyone with her debut as a DJ in a nightclub in Mexico City. The 70-year-old Peruvian decided to radically change her career and pursue music.

On March 24, Laura announced via her social media that she would be performing at Baby Club México, and the audience did not disappoint her. From the morning of Friday, March 31, enthusiastic youth gathered to enjoy the atmosphere, see it and dance to its music.

Excitement and joy were palpable in the environment, and Laura couldn’t help but describe the situation as “total madness.” To the cries of “Laura, Laura, Laura”, the audience noted her new face as a DJ and praised her work on the track.

Laura was thrilled and grateful for the love she received: “One of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Tears welled up in my eyes from madness people rows of blocks in the streets. THANK YOU for so much love and God for so many blessings, I loved being a DJ, let’s get it over with.”he shared on his social networks.

A television presenter with extensive experience in programs such as “Laura de Todos”, “Laura en America”, a former contestant on “La Casa de los Famosos 2” and now a panelist on the same show in its third edition, has succeeded in her new call like a DJ.

Laura has not commented on whether she will use this facet another time and at other discotheques in Mexico City, but this will not come as a surprise as she has always been energetic, fun and daring.
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