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Latvian Foreign Minister joked that Ukraine was admitted to the European Union

The head of the Latvian Foreign Ministry joked about the admission of Ukraine to the European Union

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Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics became the subject of a high-profile scandal because of his peculiar sense of humor. He decided to make a witty joke and congratulated Ukraine on joining the European Union.

I am pleased to announce that today we are accepting Ukraine into the European family. Historically important event for Ukraine and the EU“, he wrote on Twitter.

However, this record did not hang there for a long time. Ukrainian users in the comments expressed everything they think about Rinkevics’ sense of humor and about himself.

As a result, the post was deleted, and Rinkevics apologized for his joke, calling it unacceptable.

Earlier it was reported that the Latvian Puppet Theater canceled a production about Cheburashka and Gena the crocodile.

The audience was allowed to return the money for the tickets. At the same time, other productions in Russian will continue to be shown until the end of the season. However, with the beginning of the next one they will be removed from the repertoire.

Source: Ren TV

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