Trump spoke about good relations with Putin

Trump said he had a good relationship with Putin

Photo: © REUTERS/Mike Blake

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Former US President Donald Trump said he had a good relationship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Trump emphasized that he could have avoided the conflict in Ukraine if he had served as head of the administration.

I had a very good relationship with Putin“, TASS quotes Trump.

The former US President noted that the United States is currently very close to the third world war. He called Biden an “incompetent fool” who does not understand the dangers of nuclear weapons.

Previously, Trump predicted a new Great Depression for the United States due to the policies of current leader Joe Biden.

The politician emphasized that under Biden the country has turned into a “banana republic” where there are no fair elections and no borders.

It is worth noting that Trump regularly calls Biden the most incompetent president in US history.

Source: Ren TV


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