US ‘welcomes’ resumption of dialogue between Maduro and opposition

After the announcement of a possible reduction in sanctions on Venezuelan oil in exchange for transparent elections, the North American nation celebrated the fact that the Maduro government and the opposition alliance, the Unity Platform, were sitting in the negotiating table.

In a statement, the spokesperson for the US State Department, Matthew Miller, stressed that his country “welcomes the announcement made by the representatives of Maduro and the Unity Platform (political alliance of the Venezuelan opposition) of resume negotiations led by Venezuelan actors in Barbados.” stressing that the ruling party and the opposition sit down to discuss again.

This Monday, the Washington Post assured that the government of Joe Biden, President of the United States, and Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela, reached an agreement in which the United States would reduce sanctions against the oil industry of the country. ‘Latin America. in exchange for the development of a competitive and internationally monitored presidential election in 2024.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro delivers a state of the nation address at the National Assembly on January 12, 2023. Photo: REUTERS.

“Together with like-minded partners and other friends of Venezuela, the United States will continue its efforts to rally the international community in support of the Venezuela-led negotiation process,” the Biden administration statement continued. .

In personal testimony, spokesperson Matthew Miller said that “the resumption of Venezuela-led negotiations in Barbados is an important step toward competitive presidential elections in 2024. We continue to support this process as a means to restore democracy and end the humanitarian crisis. Venezuela.”

However, opponents of the Maduro government doubt the president will keep his word, a member of the bloc seeking to replace the current president told Reuters. “There is once again a general feeling of distrust after the many failed attempts to force Maduro to keep his promises,” he told the news agency.

Another consultee stated that “we all have our doubts, but we are exhausting the avenues. All we have to do now is make all the necessary attempts to negotiate.” Distrustful of previous processes, he added that the current negotiations with the United States aim to “achieve free and moderately competitive elections”, but he believes that the current government of Venezuela “will not grant you all conditions “.

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