Gamers may be left without a new PlayStation 5 Slim for the New Year

The first sales of the console in Russia are mainly expected only in January-February.

Photo: © Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

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In November 2023, sales of the new PlayStation 5 Slim console will begin in the world, including Russia, but most console lovers may not have time to purchase it by the New Year, they write “News”.

The fact is that in November the console will be delivered in small quantities, so it is possible that there will not be enough consoles for everyone.

The delay in the release of the main batch to the Russian market is due to logistics and sanctions problems,” – explained the executive director of the online school XYZ School Emma Yusova.

In addition, the majority of retailers plan to begin shipping PlayStation only in January-February. These include Ozon, Wildberries and M.Video-Eldorado.

Only restore company plans to start selling the flagship console from Sony in November. The organization has not yet said how large a batch of the console is planned to be imported and how much it will cost.

Source: Ren TV


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