The SAR Ministry of Defense reported that the airports of Aleppo and Damascus were disabled

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The Syrian Ministry of Defense reported that after Israeli strikes on the Syrian Arab Republic, the airports of Damascus and Aleppo were put out of action, as a result of which flights were redirected to Latakia. This was reported in the Telegram channel of the Syrian Ministry of Transport.

The department also noted that as a result of Israeli strikes, a civilian employee was killed and another person was injured.

In addition, the runways at both air harbors were damaged, which is why they were put out of action.

We encourage travelers to coordinate their travel arrangements with their airlines. We will post flight information consistently, including date and destination changes.“, the message says.

The Syrian defense ministry confirmed the Israeli strikes. They noted that the airports were shelled at approximately 5:25 Moscow time.

Prior to this, on October 14, the Syrian media reported an air attack by the Israeli Air Force from the Mediterranean Sea on Aleppo airport. It was noted that Israel’s actions led to material damage to Syria.

Aleppo airport was reported to be out of commission on October 12. Then the Syrian Ministry of Defense also noted that the Israeli Air Force attacked the air harbor with salvos of missiles.

Source: Ren TV


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