Netflix will launch a reality show based on the series “Squid Game”

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The American company Netflix is ​​going to launch a reality show based on the South Korean series “Squid Game”.

Netflix will launch a reality show based on the series “Squid Game”

It is known that more than 400 people will fight to win the new show. They will have to experience for themselves what the characters in the series faced – participants in brutal tests of survival. Unlike the film version, where the losers died, the show’s underdogs will simply leave the project empty-handed.

At stake is an impressive cash prize of $4.5 million. Translated into rubles, this is more than 400 million. The organizers promise that this will be the most ambitious reality show in the history of television. The premiere is scheduled for November 22.

In 2022, “Squid Game,” directed by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, became the most popular show on the Netflix platform. In the first month alone, viewers watched more than 1.65 billion hours of the series. The plot revolves around underground survival games involving people in need of money. In June 2022, work on the second season of the series was announced.

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