Pentagon chief: Russia will win if the US stops helping Ukraine

Pentagon chief Austin: Russia will win if the US stops helping Ukraine

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Russia will win the Ukrainian conflict if the United States stops helping Ukraine and the Ukrainian Armed Forces, respectively. This was stated by the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin.

He believes that the Russian leadership, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, feels that Western states will get tired of supporting Ukraine. Austin emphasized that in this case Moscow will win.

“If we don’t support Ukraine, then Putin will win”said the head of the Pentagon on the TV channel C-Span.

Earlier, the US Congress stated that Ukraine exists entirely at the expense of the United States and at the same time continues to ask for more money.

Let us recall that on October 20, Biden requested $61.3 and $14.3 billion, respectively, to be allocated for assistance to Ukraine and Israel.

Source: Ren TV


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