Admiral Lisa Franchetti is the first female Chief of Naval Operations in the United States Navy

The United States Senate Approved President Joe Biden’s nomination of Admiral Lisa Franchetti as chief of naval operations for the US Navy. She is the first woman to hold this position and also the first woman to serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the body composed of the highest military leaders of the United States Department of Defense. Franchetti has 38 years of service and has held several positions within the Navy, including director of U.S. Naval Forces South Korea.

His nomination was approved by 95 senators, while Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville was the only one opposed. For the past nine months, the Republican Party, led by Tuberville, blocked the Democratic-majority Senate from confirming appointments and promotions of about 400 military personnel, which required three-fifths of the Senate’s approval to pass. With this blockade, Tuberville and the Republican Party protested against decision of the Department of Defense to cover travel expenses and leave days for its employees who must move to the state to have an abortion following the overturning of the ruling that legalized abortion at the federal level by the Supreme Court.

This week, however, Republican senators decided to prioritize the nominations and elected the first 61 candidates, explaining that this situation endangered the national security of the United States during the war in Ukraine and that between Israel and Hamas . Alaska Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan criticized Tuberville, saying “the careers of American troops are being punished for a political conflict they had nothing to do with and have no power to resolve.”

Source: ilpost


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