The Israeli army found the body of Yehudit Weiss, one of those taken hostage by Hamas on October 7

The Israeli army said it had found near al Shifa hospital – which is the largest hospital in Gaza and has been the center of a major Israeli military operation for days – the body of Yehudit Weiss, a 60-year-old Israeli. five years. woman kidnapped by Hamas during the October 7 attacks, in which around 1,200 people were killed. An army statement said his body was found by soldiers “in a structure adjacent to al Shifa hospital.” Weiss was kidnapped from Kibbutz Beeri, one of the communities where Hamas committed the most serious violence: her husband, Shmuel, was killed on October 7. The military also said there were also Kalashnikov rifles at the facility where his body was found.

For days, the Israeli army has surrounded Al Shifa hospital, bombing adjacent neighborhoods and launching a military operation inside on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. In recent weeks, the hospital has become the main target of the ground operation launched by Israel in the Gaza Strip on October 27, as the Israeli military claims that Hamas’ main operations center is hidden beneath the structure. The accusation was denied by the militiamen and the hospital management, but confirmed by the American intelligence services, although for the moment there is little evidence found in the ongoing military operation.

Thursday evening, after the discovery of Weiss’ body, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he said that there are “strong indications” that the hostages still being held by Hamas were in Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, and that this is “one of the reasons why we entered the hospital “. However, Netanyahu also added that in recent days, Israeli soldiers did not find any hostages behind al Shifa: “if they were there, they took them away,” he said.

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