Peru’s Congress approves in a first vote the return to bicameralism and includes parliamentary re-election

The Peruvian Parliament’s decision contradicts the 2018 referendum, in which a majority of the country voted against the initiative. The draft constitutional reform must be submitted to a second vote for final approval.

The Peruvian Congress approved in a first vote the plan to replace the bicameral system, in a decision that opposes the 2018 referendum. during which a majority of the country spoke out against this initiative.

The draft also included replacement text that adds the immediate re-election figure indefinitely and states verbatim that “Senators and deputies can be immediately re-elected to the same position.”

In the initiative discussed since last year, re-election was not included and only a “camouflaged” re-election was considered, so that if the bicameral system was approved, senators could remain in Congress as deputies and vice versa according to the Lima newspaper report The Republic.

Since it is a constitutional reform project, its approval requires two votes greater than 87 votes in two consecutive legislatures. Thus, after having surpassed the first with 93 votes, A second vote is needed, which could take place by the end of the year.

Source: Latercera


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