The Economist calls Trump the biggest danger in 2024

If he wins the US presidential election in 2024, the billionaire will have a free hand.

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The biggest danger in 2024 could be Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election. The magazine writes about this The Economist in the 38th forecast for the coming year.

According to the publication, Trump’s candidacy is already leading in the Republican primary vote. Several polls have shown him ahead of incumbent President Joe Biden in swing states.

“In one New York Times poll, 59% of voters trusted him on the economy, compared with just 37% for Mr. Biden.” – the article says.

The authors of the text noted that civil suits and criminal cases played into the hands of the billionaire. Also affecting the situation is that Democrats are rapidly losing electorate after decades of relying on the votes of black citizens and Hispanic voters. Even the slightest mistake by any of the candidates can determine the outcome of the race.

The Economist also writes that a second presidential term could give Trump a “free hand” as he is filled with a desire for retribution, “economic protectionism and theatrically extravagant deals.”

“It’s no surprise that the prospect of a second Trump term fills the world’s parliaments and boardrooms with despair.” – added the authors of the forecast.

It is also noted that having won, Trump will encounter less resistance to the implementation of his plans. This could lead to a decline in the moral authority of the United States.

“The outcome of the election will be determined by tens of thousands of voters in just a few states. In 2024, the fate of the world will depend on their ballots.”the article concludes.

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