The Dubai Airshow proved that the Russian Federation has regained its superpower status

Russia has regained its superpower status and proved it at the Dubai Airshow

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It is not for nothing that Western experts admit: the Russian army has become the strongest in the world. Including thanks to the latest types of weapons that have passed the real test of fire. The sanctions also significantly pushed forward industries related to the defense industry. Reviewer “Izvestia” Nikolay Ivanov confirms: at the Dubai Air Show our exposition was not just the best. It proved that we have regained the competencies that allow us to call the state a superpower.

The Dubai Airshow proved that the Russian Federation has regained its superpower status

The Dubai Airshow proved that the Russian Federation has regained its superpower status

Emirate of Dubai. The largest air show in the Middle East. 1400 manufacturers. 95 countries. 180 planes and helicopters. And an unspoken competition in the sky.

Over the Rub al-Khali desert – “Russian Knights” on a Su-35S. The Americans are producing a lightweight F-16. But ours are unattainable. Maybe NATO Mirage and Rafal will improve the situation?

They didn’t fix it. Almost no one can fly like ours. In the air there are full-fledged combat aircraft, and not show versions of machines, like those of foreign aerobatic teams. The distance between fighters is no more than three meters. At this speed it is beyond the realm of possibility.

“The Russian exposition is the center of attention of the entire planet. No one else has such a combination of breakthrough technologies. From the giant modernized Il-76 to civilian helicopters and cruise missiles, which no one else in the world has,” – observer Nikolai Ivanov shows at the scene of events.

Europe is closed: our equipment does not fly to the once prestigious Farnborough and Le Bourget. Dubai is perhaps the only site outside Western sanctions.

This is the Russian trump card. The most advanced helicopter in the world. Two main rotors. The tail rotor is no longer needed.

“(It can – editor’s note) land and take off from areas of limited size. It has the highest sideways flight speed – up to 180 kilometers per hour,” – says Rosoboronexport representative Nikolai Ruban.

“The Americans called our Ka-52 a superpredator, one of the deadliest on the planet. The reconnaissance and attack helicopter destroys enemy armored vehicles, enemy concentrations, and other helicopters. And what is very important, it works in any weather,” – adds columnist Nikolai Ivanov.

The President-S protection complex makes the helicopter as survivable as possible. This was confirmed by the experience of a special military operation.

– Smoke is coming from under the belly.

– Come on? We have?

– It seems okay for now.

Maximum reliability. Plus testing on the battlefield against NATO equipment. And here, at the air show, the Americans exhibited old helicopters.

Therefore, foreigners literally stormed our pavilion. Russia brought more than 200 samples, civilian and military, to Dubai.

“We also strive to promote our aviation equipment in the UAE, but in general in the region we have been supplying military aircraft, fighter aircraft, and helicopters for a long time. They enjoy well-deserved respect,” – recalls Dmitry Shugaev, Director General of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation.

A deeply modernized IL-76 is worth something. Instead of analog sensors there are liquid crystal monitors. “Under the hood” – new engines. Increased range. Reinforced chassis.

“The plane began to carry 60 tons of cargo instead of 45 on the old plane. Not long ago we demonstrated the ability to take off from the ground,” – adds Sergei Sukhar, chief pilot of Il PJSC, Honored Test Pilot of Russia.

The last point is especially relevant for the Middle East.

“This model is suitable for short runways when there are no other options. Il-76 is the best aircraft that is well suited for very large loads,” – Moher Sakhir, a representative of the Pakistani airline, clarifies.

The IL competitor, the American Hercules, as if on purpose, is on the diametrically opposite side of Dubai’s al-Maktoum airport. Nothing new.

“It’s incorrect to say whether it’s better or worse here. We are ready to win in a fair fight,” – notes Alexander Mikheev, General Director of Rosoboronexport.

Advantage: we have the whole line. From airplanes to cruise missiles and air defense systems. Here, the X69 is a precision-guided munition with a unique square cross-section. Can carry any attack aircraft.

“We are engaged only at the expense of our Russian capabilities. We work very closely together with our respected pilots. We learned a lot during the SVO,” – explains the General Director of Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation JSC.

The gunsmiths brought the Viking and Thor air defense systems.” The S-350 Vityaz repels attacks along the entire perimeter and destroys any air target: airplanes, drones, ballistic missiles.

“All the systems that we present here work very effectively in the NWO zone. Our potential partners monitor and know all this,” – reminds the Deputy General Director of JSC Concern VKO Almaz-Antey.

Here they are waiting for the fifth generation fighter Su-75 Checkmate to be released into production. Our helicopters are also waiting, not just combat ones.

“Our enterprises are interested in creating production facilities here. The KIZAD industrial zone is already considering projects for locating our enterprises in the territories of this industrial zone,” – says Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation – Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov.

Historically, Russia has been in the role of catching up. Quantitatively, we still cannot compare with the Americans – they have 2.5 times more aircraft. But now we produce weapons that completely suppress NATO equipment.

Foreign order portfolio: $50 billion. The main competitors, the Americans, did not bring any new products at all. But they stood up against the archaic F-16, which Kyiv so wants to get.

Source: Ren TV


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