Political scientist Liotti: Miley does not say how he will solve problems

What is the Argentine “mini-Trump” with a chainsaw?

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Our own Donald Trump has now appeared in Argentina. This is what they call the far-right politician Javier Mileya, who won the presidential election. An extremely eccentric and even shocking “economist with a chainsaw” is preparing radical changes and not only for the South American state itself. For example, he intends to cancel the planned entry of Argentina into BRICS and turn away from China and Russia towards the United States. Correspondent REN TV Alexander Tuzikov figured out what might be hidden behind loud statements.

Political scientist Liotti: Miley does not say how he will solve problems

The far-right populist said in his first address to the nation: the situation is critical, radical changes are needed. Javier Miley insists: Argentina must literally return to the “golden” 19th century, when it was a superpower. The main enemies of Argentines are inflation at 143% and poverty.

“We are the richest country in the world, but we are stuck in the ranking at 130th place. Half of Argentines are poor, 10% are poor. The previous model of governance is to blame for poverty. We are moving to a libertarian model to become a superpower again. Long live freedom “Miley said after the elections.

There are no foreign exchange reserves, investors are dumping pesos, and a recession is looming. In such a life, as it turned out, most Argentines are impressed by the strong expressions to which their candidate is so accustomed. He mercilessly cursed his political opponents live.

Even during the election race, the chainsaw became the main symbol of the showman politician. In September, he nearly offended voters in Mar del Plata with his promise to quickly cut government spending.

Miley promised to curb inflation by acting not as an economist, but as an opera singer: he sang his own text to the music of La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi, appearing before the public in the image of a “libertarian superhero.”

This superhero has stated many times that he is not going to develop relations with China, Brazil and Russia and does not want to see his country in BRICS, although the application has been approved, and from January 1, Argentina will have to join the organization as part of eight states. Is Miley going to abandon the guarantees that previous governments secured $30 billion in Chinese investment, especially in hydropower, fertilizer and lithium batteries? The populist politician apparently hasn’t decided yet.

Before winning the presidential election, Miley preferred not to think, but to act. This is how he presented his book. In terms of his ability to “get the crowd going”, Javier Miley will give Donald Trump a run for his money; the latter congratulated the Argentine on his social network and even paraphrased his slogan – he wished to “make Argentina great again.”

This is how “mini-Trump,” as the Argentines call Miley, fought live with a cardboard model of the Central Bank. After all, according to the populist, the financial regulator is also to blame for economic troubles; get rid of it and everything will be fine.

“He doesn’t say at all how he will solve social problems. And inaction in this area could lead to mass protests and lead to the same crisis as his predecessors,” – said political scientist Jorge Liotti.

The new president of Argentina is also known for his ability to communicate with his deceased dog through a veterinary medium: Miley claims that he met his mastiff in a past life two thousand years ago, when he was a gladiator in the Colosseum.

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