Peskov: Kyiv has verbally attempted to assassinate Putin many times, but nothing will work

Photo: © RIA Novosti/Alexey Nikolsky

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In Ukraine (in words) there have been many attempts on the life of Russian President Vladimir Putin, but they will not succeed, said the head of state’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the words of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that Kiev would take the chance to “kill Putin.”

“If you remember, there have been verbal attempts on Putin’s life many times from Ukraine at various levels. We are well aware of this. They will not succeed,” – Peskov said, answering a question from journalist Pavel Zarubin.

The Kremlin official stressed that Russia has no doubt that all the goals and objectives of the special military operation will be achieved.

Earlier, Peskov said that in Ukraine there is a predisposition to the start of a new “Maidan”.

Source: Ren TV


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