Asia Times: NATO will have to compromise with Russia

Asia Times: NATO and Russia will have to compromise

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If NATO is unable to restore confidence in its own defense capabilities, the alliance will have to make a deal with Moscow, which will change the “strategic map of Europe.” This is reported by the Hong Kong edition Asia Times.

The publication emphasizes that NATO has long ceased to be a defensive organization, as it was originally intended, and has set a course for expansion.

The material examines the conflict in Ukraine and says that NATO is not ready for similar clashes, and its ideas are already outdated.

“The huge losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in equipment and manpower are unacceptable for NATO. The Alliance will not have enough trained units and satisfactory equipment to withstand the modernized Russian army on the offensive.”– mentioned in the publication.

NATO is also experiencing a shell shortage. The article emphasizes that in the United States there are six enterprises for the production of projectiles, but they do not meet modern requirements for the scale and pace of production.

On November 17, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky complained that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were experiencing a shortage of 155 mm artillery shells due to the conflict in the Middle East. According to him, warehouses are currently empty all over the world. He stated that supplies from Western partners are not enough to meet all the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

On November 18, Defense One noted that Ukrainian deputies are complaining about the transfer of ammunition reserved for Kyiv from the United States to Israel.

Let us note that the Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly emphasized that any cargo with weapons supplied by Western countries to Ukraine will be a legitimate target for the Russian Aerospace Forces. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that arms supplies would not stop, but would prolong the conflict in Ukraine, and called the position of Western countries “harmful” and “counterproductive.”

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