The Czech Republic proposed limiting the movement of Russian diplomats in EU countries

The Czech Republic proposed limiting the movement of Russian diplomats in EU countries

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The Czech Republic has made a proposal to limit the movement of Russian diplomats on the territory of the European Union, he said in an interview with “Izvestia” source in the European Parliament.

It is noted that Prague, as part of the adoption of the 12th package of anti-Russian sanctions, indicated the need for diplomats to obtain visas and residence permits to travel within a specific country, and not throughout the entire eurozone. In addition, it is proposed to allow diplomats into the countries of the association exclusively with biometric passports, since such documents are “more difficult to forge or associate with false identities.”

“We draw attention to the problem when officials, having received visas to work in UN agencies in Vienna, can then go elsewhere. There are serious concerns that in many cases these are agents of the GRU and other services.”– said the interlocutor.

In the Financial Times reported that the European Commissioners took into account the proposals put forward and sent them to the EU member countries last week. At the same time, discussions of the initiatives are currently under development, which, as emphasized, reduces the likelihood of their adoption in the near future.

On November 15, the Czech Foreign Ministry announced that the authorities had approved the proposal to freeze Russian state property. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov called the introduction of sanctions by the Czech Republic against Russian state facilities in this country unacceptable.

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