Stephen King doesn’t know what silence is

The “king of terror” does not stay still. The legendary author will have two new releases. You Like It Darker is the name of his new book. It is a volume of 12 stories that explore “the darker part of life, both metaphorical and literal.” For now, it only has a release date in its English edition. Additionally, it has been confirmed that the new movie version of The Salem Lot Mystery will be released directly to streaming.

“Do you like it darker?” Well, me too.” with this invitation to its readers Stephen King closes the epilogue of his new book. Just a few months after the publication of his latest novel, Holly, It has been confirmed that there is already news about the next steps of the “King of Terror”. It is You like it darker , a volume of 12 stories that, in the words collected from its website, “delves into the darkest part of life, both metaphorical and literal.” In other words, we will probably see the darkest king.

According to the Argentinian Ariel Bos i – the greatest expert on Stephen King – the volume is titled “in homage to the song of Leonard Cohen “. This is of course You want it to be darker . On his YouTube channel The restaurant of the mind, dedicated to the writer, he adds that two of the stories contained in the new volume are already known in Spanish. “One of them is free, it’s called Laurie, and is inspired by Molly, “The Thing of Evil”, King’s little dog; and the other is The turbulence expert, published in the anthology In the air“.

Stephen King and Holly: a thriller between Covid and criticism of Trump

Furthermore, he specifies that five of these stories had previously been published in English, but not in Spanish: On Slide Inn Road, previously published in Esquire, 2020; Weird Willie previously published in McSweeney’s magazine, 2022; Red screen, previously published in The Humble Bundle, 2021; Finnish, previously published on Scribd; And The fifth step, previously published in Harper’s Magazine, 2020.

In any case, on the author’s website there are also small reviews of certain stories: “Two talented bastides explores the long-hidden secret of how the eponymous knights acquired their abilities. In Danny Coughlin’s Bad Dreama brief and unprecedented psychic flash disrupts dozens of lives, Danny’s most catastrophic… The dreamersa taciturn Vietnam veteran responds to a job posting and discovers that there are certain corners of the universe best left unexplored. The man who answers “It questions whether foreknowledge brings good luck or bad luck and reminds us that a life marked by unbearable tragedy can still have meaning.”

Additionally, this volume includes a story titled Rattlesnakes which, as on other occasions, makes a connection with one of King’s novels, in this case it is a sequel to Cujo (nineteen eighty one). Here we see Vic Trenton again, who travels to Florida in search of respite and, instead, receives an unexpected inheritance, with significant strings attached.

At least in English, You like it darker Its release date is May 21, 2024. included the book among its pre-sale items today, specifying that it will go on sale on that date. For now, there is still no estimated date for the Spanish edition.

Salem is on the big screen

But there is also news of King in the films. Specifically, one of the adaptations that have been made of his books. In this case, from its classic The mystery of Salem’s fate (1975), his second novel and one of the most acclaimed of his career. One of their most decidedly horrific titles. The novel was adapted for the big screen as a series in 1979, in two parts. But now it’s gone from a miniseries to a feature film.

In fact, it was already filmed in Massachusetts in 2021, and was scheduled for release in September 2022, the month before the always lucrative Halloween. However, according to the specialist portal Variety, the Warner company delayed the film until spring 2023, citing COVID-related post-production delays.

However, no further information regarding the film was known, except that – according to Variety – it silently left Warner’s release schedule, which generated speculation. But the same portal proposed an answer: it would be broadcast directly on the HBO Max streaming platform.

An image of the new version of the Mystery of Salem spell.

“A source with knowledge of the exchange claims that this decision does not reflect the quality of the film, but is due to the fact that the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike has created a growing need for Max content – ​​assures Variety. . Salem Field “This is one of the few Warner Bros. films destined to cross the line.” However, a spokesperson for Warner Bros. received the affair coldly, without daring to confirm it: “No decision has been made regarding future distribution plans for the film.”

Stephen King himself described the film on his X/Twitter account : “The new version from Warner Bros. Salem Field, currently archived, is muscular and enveloping. There’s that “old Hollywood” feel, when a film gets the chance to take a breather before getting down to business. In other words, when the attention span was longer.

This new version of The mystery of Salem’s fate is directed by Gary Dauberman, set in 1975 and the cast includes Lewis Pullman, Makenzie Leigh, Alfre Woodard, Bill Camp, John Benjamin Hickey, Nicholas Crovetti, Jordan Preston Carter, William Sadler, Spencer Treat Clark, Cade Woodward, Debra Christofferson and Pilou. Asbaek.

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